Suzanne Peerman

Obituary of Suzanne Shaw Peerman

Suzanne Shaw Peerman (Age 90), sister to the late Deborah Kotter, was born to the late Max and
Frances (Mimi) Seiler in Los Angeles, California in 1931.
Suzanne attended Los Angeles High School and later, became a student at Mt. St. Mary's College in Los Angeles eventually transferring to the Pacific Northwest and earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Seattle University in 1958. She was a devout catholic, a kind-hearted soul, a good person, and a dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse.

She married her late husband LB Peerman, who she loved with her whole heart until her last breath.
They were the greatest love story. Everyone who met Suzie always said, she was one of the sweetest
people they had ever known. Suzie gave up her Nursing career to become a stay-at-home mother. She
wanted children more than anything else. She was utterly devoted to her family. She poured her talents
and creativity into teaching her children how to embrace the world's hidden magic. She encouraged us to be
wild but kind, bold but diplomatic, honest but humble.
She was our greatest teacher and carefully guided us with her gentle nature and endless patience. She
was a homemaker, a taxi, an organizer, a seamstress, a maid, a laundromat, cleaner of all things dirty, a
nurse, a PTA mom, a good neighbor, a great friend, and a role model. She stressed the importance of
giving back and volunteered her time to her community whenever she could. She was our mediator,
keeper of secrets, master of surprises and whimsey, gardener, secretary, accountant, and paper delivery
person in a pinch when we didn’t wake up on time.
She loved nature and the performing arts. She adored flowers of all types and could name anything
pointed out to her with uncanny proficiency. She always had fresh flowers or blooming plants
surrounding her indoors and out. She was dainty and graceful, soft-hearted, and elegant. She was the
rescuer and champion of all animals. Her first cat in married life was a feral Tomcat whose trust she
earned while vacationing with her new husband. She was panicked on the day they were scheduled to
return home because she couldn’t find the kitty. At the last second, he turned up! He was her newborn
daughter’s first pet. She instilled her love of animals into all her children and grandchildren. Years later,
she again proved her patience spending months at a neighbor’s home gaining the trust of a Siamese
stray hiding under their deck. That kitty, Izabella, eventually did trust her and lived out her 22 years
thereafter, at the Kirkland homestead as our cherished family member.
Suzie was a safe space for so many creatures great and small with her peaceful and approachable
nature. She was a warrior although on first appearance, no one would suspect she wore such a large
cape hidden under that gentle exterior.  Everything she did, she did with unabashed devotion and grace.
She was a self-taught cook and baked the most wonderful cakes, pastries and dishes for family and
friends. She loved to entertain. She taught her children proper grammar and constantly corrected their
spelling and pronunciation stressing the importance of education throughout their young lives and on
into adulthood. 
She was fashionable and beautiful both inside and out. She loved to socialize and was known to lunch
with friends frequently. She loved Hazelnut Latte's and Tiramisu and gave the most charming, unique,
and thoughtful gifts. Whenever an event was held at the family home, she always went all out to make
sure every utensil and decoration was in its proper place. Ever the perfect hostess. Everyone was always
made to feel welcome and included.

She loved shopping and had exquisite taste in clothing, always looking fashionable and dressing the part.
She was sensible with just the right touch of eccentricity. She treasured holidays and made every single
one special making sure to always have a basket for each child at Easter, a heart-shaped card on
Valentine's Day, and a homemade Bonnie Butter Cake on birthdays. Above all else, Christmas was the
best of all. Suzie made sure any child within a 5-mile radius knew the enchantment of the holiday and its
significance, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
She was always there for anyone who needed her. She helped countless people throughout her life,
lending a shoulder, an ear, her time, her tears, or sage words based on her own life's hardships. She was
our teacher, our matriarch, our friend, our beloved G-ma Sue, storyteller, peacemaker, busy body,
adventurer, and above all else, our world. We will miss her every day and strive to do better for the rest
of our lives because of her endless benevolence and unconditional love for us.
She is survived by her three children, five grandchildren, four great grandchildren, her grand-dogs,
Chica, Buddy, Francis, Will, Cash, and Daisy, and her great grand dogs Evie and Lola. We love you

Back story:

In February 2020, we found a little Cairn Terrier starving to death in the canal while we were
out walking our dogs. She barely weighed 9.5 pounds at the time (she’s well over 20 pounds today). We
met Debbie Varner the Founder of Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue, in the waiting room at the
emergency vet. We brought the pup in to make sure she was okay. Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue, is
a 501C3 and does incredible work. Debbie offered to sponsor the pup as a foster without hesitation
(until we finally caved and decided to be official foster fails).
Suzie was given the honor of naming our new addition once we decided to officially adopt her. She
chose Frances (Francis), after her own mother. Our Francis brought so many smiles to Suzie’s face over
these last two years and was relentless with her kisses and ridiculous antics, always keeping Suzie
laughing. She checked on her “Grandma” constantly getting up on her hind legs and peaking over the
footrest while Grandma sat in her recliner, pawing at her leg, or doing little circus spins. Francis was a
little shining light for our mom and loved her as much as Suzie loved her back. We made sure she was
surrounded by our animals every day.


The family (and Francis) asks that in lieu of flowers, you consider donating to Follow Your Heart, “The
Rescue that Love built” to honor our momma and her fondness for animals.

Memorial Service

A Memorial service will be held in Suzie’s memory Wednesday, June 29th, at 11:00 a.m.
Holy Family Catholic Parish 7045 120th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033

Directly following the service please join the family for a continued time of sharing and refreshments
in the social hall from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.