Teddy Dapeg Weygan

“Hindi ako makahinga...” Teddy uttered that he cannot breathe on the wee morning of June 8, 2021. He was rushed to the nearest medical center and remained in ICU until June 19.  He was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer on May 11, 2019.

“He never complained. He never let his diagnosis get him down…” His oncology nurse of two years said. That’s the Ted that everyone knew. He was special in everyone’s hearts and an inspiration to many that have become his friends and colleagues through his career (Texas Instruments in Baguio City, Cypress and Analog Devices in Cavite, and Microchip Technology in Arizona). As described by the friend of 14 years, Ted was simple, caring, and happy.

It still feels unreal that 11 days in the ICU proved to be his last race. To many, he seemed to find solutions for all kinds of problems with the will of the chess champion and marathoner that he was. Playing tennis was his favorite and watching his idol, Rafael Nadal on TV was one of his happiness.  With silent determination and devotion, he supported the family that he loved dearly. Teddy moved to the US from the Philippines in May 2017 together with his wife and daughter, leaving his two sons because of migrant age restriction.  It was always his dream to have his whole family together again since they have been apart for almost 5 years.     

Ted was the major earner of the family and always had the sense of obligation to be self-supporting. He also was a role model to his family by living a Christian way of life. It is heart-breaking that mounting medical bills and funeral expenses are overwhelming.

Warmest Regards and Greatly Appreciated,

The Teddy Weygan Family